BAZUKA is a concept bike made out of scrap metal.

It was conceptualized and executed as a part of a

metal workshop in a group. 

The restriction of only getting to use scrap metal proved fruitful in the longer run as the product got a rustic appeal which complemented its theme and overall structure.

This artefact has been conceptualized and executed

in a span of five days.

Upcycling at its best
The idea was to have a superbike structure with a rider and a pillion passenger.
The tyres were made out of wheel chains bundled up together, while the rest of the body was assembled through welding a number of pieces belonging to a range of components together.
The sunglasses were made out of reject plastic taken off a headlight's cover.
Each part was assembled with great care, paying great attention to anatomy, proportions in terms of the people to the vehicle as well as the individual component.
The assembly was a constantly evolving process with a number of trials and errors.

BAZUKA is a result of upcycling, constant experimentation and a lot of fun. 

This project helped me realize the value of materials and instilled a deeper interest and understanding of sustainability within me, as well as making me realize the amazing results of collaborative design work.