What is the future of transportation for the urban

Indian Youth?

is a transportation design project developed by us as a group of four students at Symbiosis Insititute of Design, Pune. The aim of this project was to design a vehicle for the year 2020 keeping the technical, social and systemic advancements in consideration.

The project had different stages i.e. in-depth research, conceptualization (designing and styling) and prototyping.

BOLT (Short Transit Electric Prototype) 

Research + Trend Analysis

Extensive market and user research was carried out in the areas of business, human factors, functionality, CFM (Color, Finish, Material) and aesthetics of mobility as well as social and culutural contexts,helping us gain insights in the consumer's wants, needs and aspirations. which was further used in developing personas, finding patterns and incorporating future trends.
We synthesized these into five future lifestyle trends of Urban India. 

               Mass Urbanization

As the population in Indian cities increases, more single consumers and families will leave their suburban environments for the city, where the heart of innovation lies. The emerging middle-class will be looking to spend more money than ever before, hoping to lead an indulgent lifestyle.​

              Breaking Boundaries

The technology industry will become one of constant innovation and disruption. The goal is to help consumers become comfortable with, not afraid of advanced technologies.

               Glocal Alternatives

Resource shortages will become an obvious

result of the world’s extreme consumption.. To counteract this destructive movement, consumers will instill a ‘glocal’ attitude in their communities, where they can make a global impact locally.

              Conscious Consumption

The revolution of conscious-consumption’will be underway,where companies are looking at processes like ‘closed loop production’ and "design for disassembly’in order to sustain the over-demands of the world. The concepts of repurposing and upupcycling materials 

  will reach new heights.

               Reverse Innovation

The digital pandemic will lead to continuous innovation in developing markets, and will greatly influence the movement of mass production in consumer products and services.


Keeping this objective in mind, we sketched, evaluated and debated over a number of ideas and concepts in a group. You can check some of them 


We further made various three-dimensional mock ups to gain a better understanding of the form and proportions. This also helped us in filtering down the concepts. 

You can check some of them

A Step Towards Tomorrow

Imagine! We are in circa 2020. Alternative sources of energy aren't a mere choice but a way of living. The distances have shrunk thanks to technology, and people are experiencing global citizenship like never before.

Bolt hopes to be the most loved personal mobility vehicle, which is an extension of the individual's state of mind and personality as well as a responsible product promoting environmental sustainability.