We’re living in transformational times, and if your job description isn’t already changing, it probably will in the near future. Futuring helps companies identify and maximize the potential of these

new paradigms.

The Probe

The research question I proposed to address was:

"How might we bridge the skills and expectations gap between new talent in the creative fields and the reality of the working world?"

Market Research

Quantitative research was conducted to identify key trends of the past, present and the future in talent acquisition and management. The research also covered the patterns and

findings in the areas of the current hiring methods and trends in terms of the platforms,

technologies etc. used in the process.

This information was then grouped using affinity mapping.

The data was further synthesized to create an infographic comprising the market, user 

understanding and trends.

Qualitative Research

A thorough qualitative research was carried out using observation and personal interview methods. This was for uncovering new information in the research area as well as with the hopes of challenging the findings from the market research.


I gathered the key findings from the interviews and created a video narration using the excerpts. The major areas were arranged according to the larger themes, while this video was used to conduct a brainstorming workshop for idea generation.

Ethnographic Research

I conducted ethnographic research at a leading design firm in NYC, using shadowing techniques and personal interviewing, probing questions to the employees about their daily work lives and experiences. This was enriching as it gave me an opportunity to study behaviors, actions and interactions in their real environment, giving a good space for observations.

Key Insights

Contrary to the findings from my quantitative research, I discovered that there was not a lack of ambition and passion when it came to newer talent, but a gap of understanding and defining their skill sets. This problem is also increasingly occurrent in companies, as they struggle to identify new opportunities and challenges posed by technological disruption.

Newer talent entering the workforce wants to be a real contributor and change maker. Their key drivers are building impactful products and businesses.

Mentorship is crucial in developing, sustaining and retaining talent.

Skill development is often incremental and organic. But it is measured from Point A to B.

Opportunity Matrix

From the observations and insights gathered from all my qualitative data processes, I started arranging all of them into larger themes.

These helped me to further evolve them into functional aspects for a larger service imagination, Futuring, as shown below.

Opportunity matrix
Opportunity Matrix
Opportunity Matrix
Opportunity Matrix
Opportunity Matrix
UX Report

One of the functionalities was further developed and prototyped to test feasibility, user perspectives. The findings have been consolidated in a report. Please click on the .pdf on left for access.

Pilot Project

The pilot project was developed as a result of the prototyping and testing cycles. Please click on the publication thumbnail on the left to view the complete document.