Case Summary

My thesis project explored how existing sensor technology could be used to help reduce hospital readmissions for heart failure patients. We worked with the sensors developed by Proteus Digital Health, the company I did my UX internship at in 2012. Their core system has 2 sensors: an ingestible sensor which is imbedded in medication and acts solely as a marker that a pill has been taken, and a wearable sensor which receives the transmission from the ingestible sensor as well as collects biometric data.


I led the research efforts for our team. While we did extensive secondary research into best practices for reducing hospital readmissions, we knew we needed to talk with patients themselves in order to find the insights that would make this product truly useful.


It took quite a while and a few different strategies before we found the right population, but we ended up interviewing 8 people with a chronic heart condition. We’d started working on prototypes so were able to get feedback on at the same time we were gaining deeper insight into the issues they face in managing their conditions.

Here are a few of our key findings from the interviews: