A revolutionary disruptive innovation, Secure Plus is a beautiful combination of the functionality of a car key and the aesthetics of a smart watch.
Client : Autocop (Ind) Pvt. Ltd.

The project was carried out in four recurring phases :

Research, Ideation, Conceptualization and Refinement.

The initial brief provided was that of redesigning a car key fob.

Surveying and interviewing various users about their experiences, needs and problems with the existing products led me to a number of observations, which were further synthesized into insights which could be worked with for developing functional concepts.  

Research Insights

Fear of loss

3 out of 5 people tend to 

misplace their car keys


Once away from the vehicle, people are often confused of the lock status


People do not want multiple devices, but a device performing multiple tasks

Status Symbol

People believe their car key to be an extension to their personality and a status symbol

How might I make a car security system an extension to a personality while enhancing the functionality of the product?


The project was further carried out keeping this objective in mind. I sought inspiration from the wearable technology industry as well brainstorming other possibilities. Sketching, mock ups and 3d model generations

were carried out for gaining a better understanding of the ideas and transforming them into feasible concepts.


Form Explorations


The Secure Plus is easy to use and unobtrusive.

It consists of a ring that can be rotated to lock/unlock the vehicle, along with a customizable casing and bands.

In addition to the function, the ring also enhances the look and feel of the product. 


Gone are the days when you had to worry about your car getting stolen!

The Secure Plus comes with LEDs which change colours upon locking/unlocking of vehicle and display the color until the next command.


One of the main goals of this project was to maintain the image and personality factor attached to the car key.

This design comes in a range of customizable bands and colors to suit every personality type.


The Secure Plus uses the E-paper technology to ensure it is environment and user friendly.

It hopes to make your life and the planet a better place!